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Malaysian Prime Minister criticises coup in Egypt and calls for national dialogue

January 31, 2014 at 2:43 pm

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib abdul-Razak has criticised the military coup in Egypt, noting that it shouldn’t have been carried out.

Speaking to the CNN’s chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour last week, Abdul-Razaq said that there is no alternative to a “national dialogue” to solve the issue.

Amanpour asked the prime minister whether he accepts “removing an elected government,” which was accompanied with mass detention campaigns that included that of Isam al-Arian. She described al-Arian as a moderate Muslim Brotherhood leader.

The prime minister said: “If I were in the place of the army or anyone who does not like Muslim Brotherhood, I would not have done what the army has done.”

He continued: “I would have waited until the next elections. Because they were elected, they must have had their chance to show their abilities.”

Commenting on the current situation, Abdul-Razaq said: “As the coup was carried out, they should search for a kind of national reconciliation. This will not be easy, but there must be a chance.”

Abdul-Razaq looked clearly upset with the current situation to the extent that Amanpour pointed this out to him.

He replied to her: “To some extent, when you tend to be extremist to the furthest degree and do not accept democracy or the will of voters, I see there is a problem.”