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Revolutions in Arab world promise more support for Palestinian cause

January 31, 2014 at 12:49 am

The Forum of Palestinian Doctors in Europe has claimed that the peoples’ revolutions in the Arab world are a “decisive stage” in the region’s history. The Paris-based organisation added that they hold out the promise of more dedication to the Palestinian cause by the Arab masses.

In a press release the Forum said: “The popular uprisings in a number of Arab countries have come to turn the page of tyranny and human rights abuses accumulated over decades. We have reached a decisive stage in the Arab nation’s history that marks a new spring and dignity.” The Palestinian cause will, believes the Forum, see increased dedication from countries across the Middle East and North Africa as a result of the current events.

The Forum also expressed deep concern over the violence against civilians in Libya; its members have been in contact with medical and humanitarian institutions in order to provide assistance and support for the injured. The UN and Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) should, urged the Forum, “assume their responsibilities to protect Libya’s citizens”.