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Summoning Israeli ambassadors "confirms Mossad involvement" says Hamas

The Islamic Resistance Movement 'Hamas' considers the summoning of the Israeli ambassadors to both London and Dublin additional international proof that Israel's Mossad is behind the assassination of the military leader Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in Dubai last month. It has demanded that the countries whose passports Mossad has used, should take the necessary measures against the Jewish State and prosecute its leaders as war criminals.

The British and Irish Foreign Ministers have summoned the Israeli ambassadors to London and Dublin in order to clarify the issue of British and Irish passports being used in assassination operations as confirmed by the Dubai police in its investigations. The British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has also given instructions to the legal authorities in Britain to initiate a thorough investigation into the issue of fake passports. Israeli sources have continued to stress that Israel has no knowledge about Al-Mabhouh's assassination.

The leader of the 'Hamas' movement, Dr. Ismaeel Radwan, told Quds Press that his movement "did not have a shred of doubt that Mossad was behind the assassination of the leader Muhmoud Al-Mabhouh, nevertheless, the British and Irish summons of their Israeli ambassadors is new and additional international proof of Zionist Mossad's deep embroilment in the crime of assassinating Al-Mabhouh."


He added: "The initial pictures and information broadcast by the Dubai police confirms what our movement is exposed to in terms of the deep involvement of Zionist Mossad in the crime of assassinating Al-Mabhouh. Even if it was assisted its infiltrators, this does not diminish from its full responsibility for this crime which will not pass without reckoning."

The 'Hamas' leader demanded that countries embroiled in this matter through Israel's use of their passports should undertake to punish it; to brand the Jewish state 'a terrorist state' and to exclude it from the international community as well as to take Israeli war criminals to the International Criminal Court.

Dr. Radwan considers the assassination of Al-Mabhouh new evidence to be added to the occupation's catalogue of carnage perpetrated against Palestinians and their rights throughout its history, the latest of which was the war against Gaza as documented by the Goldstone report. He said: "Al-Mabhouh's assassination is a new crime to be added to its record of crimes which it must no doubt be tried for."

Source: Quds Press Services, Gaza

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