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Netanyahu and Kerry hold lengthy but futile meeting

Despite meeting for seven hours in the American ambassador's residence in Rome, Benjamin Netanyahu and John Kerry have failed to reconcile their differences over Iran. The US Secretary of State told Israel's Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, "Failing to reach an agreement over Iran is better than a bad agreement but if you were able to solve Iran's nuclear issue through diplomatic means it is best for everyone."

Israel's prime minister has called for a hard-line policy towards Iran while Kerry believes that a more softly-softly approach is better. Netanyahu told Kerry that he agrees on the need to reach a peaceful solution but sanctions and pressure on Iran should not be ended. Easing the pressure at this stage, argued Netanyahu, would be a mistake.

Israel Radio said the meeting also addressed the Palestinian issue and it is likely that the two reviewed Israel's eastern border with the future Palestinian State. Netanyahu stressed that any solution must be based on the Palestinians recognising Israel as a "Jewish state".

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