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Obama: there is no need for new sanctions on Iran

February 3, 2014 at 10:24 am

American President Barack Obama said on Friday there was no need for new sanctions on Iran, as that would spoil negotiations over a long-term nuclear deal with the world powers.

Obama said: “We will not lose anything during the negotiations.” He pointed out that during the six months, it will be clearer for the world powers to see what’s really happening with the Iranian nuclear programme.

He then said: “In light of everything I have said, there is no need yet for new sanctions legislation.” He noted that it would not be that difficult to impose sanctions if Iran did not stick to the conditions of the interim agreement.

Regarding the reason why he does not want to impose new sanctions, Obama said: “If we are serious about seeking a final nuclear agreement, the United States has to act in ways that do not arouse suspicion in Iran.”

White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters in Washington “if it [the sanction bill] were to pass [by a Congress vote], the president would veto it.”

Israeli media reported that a group of republican and democrat Congressmen have introduced a bill that imposes automatic sanctions on Iran should it violate the terms of the Geneva Deal with the world powers.

The bill included that the US has to stand with Israel should the latter feel it needed to carry out an attack of self-defence against Iran. It calls for “diplomatic, military and economic support.”