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Congress members speak frankly about US support for the military coup

February 4, 2014 at 9:48 am

American Congress members have described the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organisation and even accused them of being behind the 11/9 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York.

Representatives Michelle Bachman of Minnesota, Steve King of Iowa and Louie Gohmert of Texas recently visited Cairo and met with General Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi, the Pope of the Coptic Church, and other leaders. Afterwards they spoke frankly about America’s support for the coup in a video address to the Egyptian people.

In the video Bachman says: “We are here as members of Congress to say we are with you, we encourage you because together we are going through [the same] suffering… the United States and Egypt…have the same enemy: terrorism.”

She adds: “As members of Congress, we speak about ourselves and about the people of our districts and I want to assure the people of Egypt that I, as a member of Congress, will stand strong in continuing [our government’s] financial support to the military in Egypt.”

Bachman continues: “You have been a partner in [our] war on terrorism, you have acted bravely here in the front lines and we want to make sure [you continue to have] the Apache Helicopters and the F16s and the equipment that you have bravely used to capture terrorists, to take care of this menace that is on your border.”

She clearly says the Muslim Brotherhood is the common enemy between America and Egypt, stating that: “Many of you have asked do we understand who the enemy is? We can speak for ourselves. We can do. The Muslim Brotherhood.”

Commenting more about that enemy, she says: “You have seen the threat that the Muslim Brotherhood has posed around the world. We stand against this evil.”

Bachman then accuses the Muslim Brotherhood of carrying out the 11/9 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York in 2001, declaring: “We remember who caused 11/9 in America. We remember who it was that killed 3,000 brave Americans. We have not forgotten. We know you have dealt with that enemy as well.”

Meanwhile, Steve King congratulates the coup leaders for delivering Egypt from the enemy, the Muslim Brotherhood. He says: “I am here to congratulate the Egyptian people for 30 million Egyptians coming into the streets all over this country to take your country back from the people who were going to deny the future and the freedom of the Egyptian people.”

He affirms that American support for the Egyptian military would continue: “We want to provide the resources necessary to support the Egyptian military, to support continued relations between the American military and the Egyptian military.”

Showing his hostility to the Muslim Brotherhood and equating them with terrorism, he says: “We as American people stand with you and we stand against the Muslim Brotherhood. The American people do not support the Muslim Brotherhood. We oppose all forms of terrorism.”

Louie Gohmert says that he never supported President Morsi and was opposed to paying American money to Egypt under Morsi because of his affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood. “I am opposed to providing money and arms for a country that is run by a former or a present Muslim Brotherhood member,” he explains.

He also affirms that the United Stated would continue to be a friend to Egypt under the military regime: “This is a country America needs to be a good friend with now and we encourage this incredible step,” referring to the military coup.