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Freedom and Justice party warns of human rights violations inside Egypt's prisons

February 5, 2014 at 12:51 am

On Friday the Freedom and Justice party warned of the “hideous,” aggressive treatment of prisoners inside the coup government jails, a statement has said.

“The fascist, bloody coup has been incredibly destructive to the rights, guaranteed by heaven and earth laws, of the prisoners,” the statement said. It pointed out the “inhumane treatment of thousands of prisoners inside the jails of the coup government.”

The Freedom and Justice party called on the UN and all national and international bodies concerned with human rights to “urgently interfere to stop violations against the prisoners.” However, the party reiterated that such violations would not stop their demand to end the coup.

The statement said that when the coup ends its perpetrators would not escape prosecution. “The time to hold everyone accountable is coming soon,” the statement noted.

Meanwhile, prominent leader of the Anti-Coup Alliance, Reda Fahmi, denied information about a reconciliation initiative with the leaders of the military coup.

Reda said: “We have not commissioned anyone to negotiate with criminals. We will regain legitimacy, purge Egypt from killers and regain stability.”

Commenting on remarks that the current government and the head of Islamic Party Mohamed abu-Samra will reconcile, Reda said: “The covenant among all members of the Anti-Coup Alliance is that there will be no dialogue or initiatives with the killers.”

He continued: “There will be no dialogue with killers from the interior ministry, the army, the judiciary or the media.” He stressed that if Abu-Samra had said something in this regard it would have been his personal opinion, not the Alliance’s.

Source: Assabeel