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Moussa: I do not seek any executive role in the government

February 5, 2014 at 2:11 am

Amr Moussa, the head of the 50-member constitutional committee charged with amending the Egyptian constitution, announced on Thursday that he will not run for any executive position in the coming period. Moussa ran for president in the 2012 elections won by deposed President Mohamed Morsi. The former diplomat placed fifth.

During a press conference at Egypt’s Diplomats Club, the Middle East News Agency quoted Moussa as saying that a “National Committee will oversee the future elections”, pointing out that “the committee of 50 has met with representatives of all the political forces and various community groups to listen to their demands for what they hope to see in their country’s new constitution.”

In an effort to legitimise rewriting the previous constitution, which was approved by a national referendum in 2012, Moussa explained that the new Egyptian constitution must not be viewed as an eternal document. He described how the constitution is meant to change in order to meet societal developments and the evolution of peoples’ demands and aspirations.

He also conveyed that the committee is still considering what parliamentary quota to set for workers and farmers.