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Pro-legitimacy campaigners in Egypt say Ashton did not propose any initiative

February 5, 2014 at 2:12 am

The National Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Egypt says that its meeting with Cathy Ashton was an opportunity to exchange views, “but no new initiative was proposed” by the EU Foreign Policy head, despite media claims to the contrary. Dr Amr Darraj, a member of the coalition, said that the meeting had been held at Ashton’s invitation.

The senior member of the Freedom and Justice Party told reporters that the coalition accepted Ashton’s invitation to meet out of respect, despite public objections. He pointed out that they had attended the meeting as representatives of the National Coalition and not as members of the Freedom and Justice Party or the Muslim Brotherhood.

“We have agreed that Egypt’s problems should be solved internally and that the Egyptians do not accept foreign intervention to impose a political solution,” said Darraj. “She was eager to help without interference in Egyptian affairs.” He added that the coalition reflected the wishes of the people who reject the coup and its policies.

“Egypt’s real guarantee of safety is to return to the democratic path,” he concluded. “The coalition is clear about its position in support of legitimacy.”