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Three Egyptians killed, 100s wounded and 265 arrested during protests

Just two days after declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organisation, Egyptian security forces killed three anti-coup protesters, wounded hundreds and detained 265 others over the course of two days.

Egyptian security deals with all anti-coup protesters in Egypt as if they are members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Therefore, in wake of declaring the group a terrorist organisation it considered all anti-coup protesters terrorists.

A statement from the Egyptian interior ministry claimed that the causalities happened during clashes between terrorists [Muslim Brotherhood] protesters and security staff. The statement also said that a number of the security staff were wounded.

According to the statement, the three people were killed in Cairo, Damietta and Al-Menya.

Despite severe punishments announced for protesters, thousands of Egyptians took to the streets in many of Egypt's governorates.

Source: Alestqlal

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