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Haddad says threats to dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood will not stop the anti-coup revolution

Abdullah Haddad, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood's Information Office in London, said the High Commission's recommendation to dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood has been taken into action since 30th June. The interim government has been arresting Egyptian members of the Muslim Brotherhood and is leading a fierce attack against the opponents of the coup regardless of their political affiliation.

In a call to Al-Jazeera Mubasher Egypt, Haddad said that any comparison between the July 1952 revolution and the January 2011 revolution and subsequent anti-coup movement are mistaken. The Brotherhood had joined the army in the 1952 revolution to expel the occupier, while in January the Brotherhood joined Egyptians to expel the military rule from the political life of Egypt.

Haddad explained that the spirit of the January revolution returns to reject the military coup advocated by many of the revolutionary and liberal movements, pointing out that President Morsi had recognized the mistakes during his one-year rule in one of his speeches. "To recognise one's mistakes is not a defect," Haddad commented.

Haddad said the president did not fail, but that several actors had fought him to thwart both him and the Islamic movement. However, even if the president did fail, it is incorrect for the military to eliminate the people's freedom and disregard their choices and will. He pointed out that the people who marched on 30th June did not want the military to overthrow the President, but to hold early democratic presidential elections.

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