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Muslim Brotherhood Message: Peace and Tolerance Title of Revolution

February 7, 2014 at 2:59 pm

The 85-year old organization remains committed to peaceful protest, as it exhorts all Egyptians – young and old, Muslims and Christians – to join ranks and wrest their rights and freedoms and the January 25 Revolution from the brutal, bloody putschists.

The bloody putschists are persistently trying to discredit the Revolution of truth, justice and freedom, and to spread any lies and misinformation to demonize it, pitting people against it, taking advantage of the powerful media machine they control to brain-wash the people and falsify facts.

The putschists hope to divert the gaze of the masses from the Revolution, and to dissuade the world from supporting the free people in claiming back their rights, freedom and dignity.

Examples include: playing the cards of sectarian violence and Takfeer (accusing others of being unbelievers), to give a false picture of our peaceful, tolerant and all-embracing Revolution.

The coup commanders’ intelligence and security apparatus seek to frame Islamists by burning churches or some Egyptian Christians’ property, or paying some criminal thugs to carry out these heinous acts. They also remove security protection, delay police response to attacks on such Christian buildings, and refrain from arresting the perpetrators of those crimes.

All this in order to convey a distorted picture of the Egyptian situation the putschists’ media machine and some coup-affiliated organizations then present to the world, claiming that revolutionaries are the ones committing, or at least inciting, these reprehensible brutal crimes.

However, it is generally known that the putschists’ intelligence apparatus has a long history of committing such sectarian crimes, and that free Revolutionaries, including Islamists, strongly reject and condemn all these horrid reprehensible crimes, and confront anyone who wants to break the unity and drive a wedge between citizens of this one homeland, as they declare clearly and repeatedly.

Evidently, since it was established, 85 years ago, the Muslim Brotherhood – the largest Islamist organization – never undertook even one violent action against their fellow Christians. On the contrary, on many occasions and in many incidents, various Islamic groups created human shields to protect Egyptian churches in the face of threats of violence.

All Islamist groups condemned with the utmost clarity all criminal acts of violence against churches and property. Recently, news reports confirmed the arrest of a criminal gang responsible for a lot of these crimes.

Certainly, the putschists’ apparatus know all or most of the criminals who committed these acts of violence. But putschists sacrifice the lives and property of Egyptians in order to demonize the Revolution and the revolutionaries. But they will certainly fail.

One of the most important characteristics of our Revolution is that it unites all Egyptians – Christians and Muslims of all national currents. Undoubtedly, the Revolution knows its opponents – the putschists, and the forces of colonialism that stand behind them, who do not differentiate between Christians and Muslims, between a church and a mosque.

Our Revolution also knows well that the evil hands that burned mosques and violated their sanctity are the same sinful hand that attacked the churches. Our great peaceful revolution realizes that all these heinous malicious attempts will not break our national unity, and will not change the Egyptians’ ages-old spirit of tolerance.

On the other hand, the putschists have committed many unspeakable atrocities against Egypt and Egyptians. They spilled the precious blood of so many Egyptians unlawfully. They made false accusations against free and honorable revolutionaries, and adopted a discourse of hatred, mistrust and exclusion in a persistent, non-stop campaign against the Revolution.

Nonetheless, we do not disown them or accuse them of being unbelievers. We simply say: “They are our brothers who transgressed against us. They transgressed against the nation and the homeland.

Our dispute with them has nothing to do with faith or disbelief. They broke the covenants, betrayed the trust of the people, overruled the will of the nation, and spilled the precious blood and profaned all that is held sacred.

The putschists unleashed a mighty wave of repression and violence against the people as they ousted the legitimate elected President, suspended the constitution, used maximum armed force to grab power, against the will of the people, and exploited the people’s army to kill rather than protect the people.

All this serves the interest of Egypt’s enemies. No wonder they roam the world in support of the putschists. Therefore, the free Egyptians persist in their peaceful revolt to rescue Egypt from a dark fate that the coup commanders want to push us into.

To the families of martyrs and the injured: no right will be lost, if chased persistently

The putschist junta seeks to quickly turn the page on the Egyptian Revolution with all its noble goals, the honorable Martyrs it sacrificed, and the precious blood of tens of thousands of injured free Egyptians spilled during its events.

The putschists seek to take the country to a situation worse than pre-revolution conditions, especially after the release of Mubarak, perhaps shortly to be followed with the release of his two sons, and his Minister of Interior Habib Al-Adli, thus completing the regime of oppression and tyranny, led by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces this time.

Then, the putschists will crush all Egyptians with ferocity and savagery unprecedented in Egyptian history – with untold tragedies, scandals and massacres.

The most important thing the coup masterminds seek now is to demoralize the nation and force it into despair, so martyrs’ families would ignore the blood of their loved ones, and quietly accept the new situation for fear of seeing more blood spilled.

Thus, the putschists achieve their goal of suppressing the Revolution and forcing the people to accept the fate Egyptians fought peacefully for so long to escape.

Therefore, Egyptians in general, and the families of the martyrs in particular, must not despair or abandon their rights. No right will be lost, if chased persistently.

The whole nation must come out peacefully against the coup. Everyone must participate positively in all peaceful actions against the coup, and create new innovative actions. We must devise peaceful protests that will pressure the nerves of the junta. We must unleash a gradual civil disobedience throughout the nation.

The Revolution against the Mubarak regime, the military regime and the putschist junta should not die down or fade away. It must innovate for itself new, more effective forms and peaceful tools. Our Revolution must unite all the people and active groups and movements.

The biggest goal now is to restore the January 25 Revolution, before anything else. It is the goal that should unite all January 25 revolutionaries, as well as all the sons and daughters of this homeland, to re-draw the portrait of the all-embracing revolution that dazzled the world on January 25 2011, with its peacefulness, its inclusion of all segments of society and all political colors, and its true revolutionary purity.

Our non-violence will remain stronger than their bullets. Our blood will defeat their swords and live bullets, and free popular will shall ultimately triumph, God willing. The armies of the junta and Mubarak’s cronies will be defeated. Soon enough, all will come to pass.

God save Egypt stable and free…

The Muslim Brotherhood