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Hamas condemns Egyptian officials' threats to eradicate Gaza

February 8, 2014 at 3:24 pm

The Islamic resistance movement Hamas has condemned statements attributed to Egyptian security officials and diplomats about plans to topple its rule in the Gaza Strip.

The movement issued a statement on Wednesday by its spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri. According to the Middle East News Agency, Abu Zuhri warned that: “The statements, published by the Reuters news agency, of four prominent Egyptian security officials and diplomats who stressed that Cairo will work to destroy Hamas in the Gaza Strip in every way, including cooperating with the Fatah movement to achieve this and fomenting chaos in Gaza, are dangerous.”

Since the military coup that deposed Egypt’s first democratically elected government, Egypt’s military has punished the Palestinians in Gaza by destroying most of the tunnels that were used to smuggle food, fuel, medicine and other essential items into the Strip, which is under a strict Israeli blockade.

The movement considers these remarks to “represent the first official Egyptian acknowledgment that Cairo is involved in Palestinian internal affairs and seeks to destroy the Palestinian resistance forces in the Gaza Strip, while trying to cover up its practices against the forces of resistance through inverting the facts and spreading lies about Hamas. In addition, the statements represent further evidence about the involvement of some of the parties from the Fatah movement in this scheme.”

Source: Rassd