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Pro-Morsi protesters take to the streets of Egypt

Massive crowds of pro-Morsi demonstrators have taken to the streets of Egypt after the Alliance of Pro-Morsi Legitimacy called for protests in support of the democratically-elected president who was deposed by a military coup this week. The protests were covered by several non-Egyptian media stations; all of the pro-Morsi television stations in Egypt have been closed by the army.


A spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, Ahmed Aref, confirmed that despite the violence against the movement and its members, the protests would try to remain peaceful. Thousands of protestors headed to the headquarters of the Republican Guards, where Mohammed Morsi is believed to be detained. According to confirmed reports, at least eight were shot dead by soldiers and dozens more were wounded.

The head of Al-Wattan Party, Yousri Hammad, confirmed that the military police attacked the peaceful crowds. "The Central Security Service helped the military police," he added.

Although an army spokesman said that the arrest campaign is not targeting members of the Muslim Brotherhood, many top leaders of the movement, including the former and current supreme guides, have been arrested.

There are also reports that 72 Bedouin tribes have rejected the legitimacy of the military coup. Taking part in the protests, they said that they only recognise Morsi as the country's legal president.

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