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Former Fatah leader accuses Kerry of blackmailing the Palestinian people

February 10, 2014 at 5:31 am

Former Fatah leader Mohamed Dahlan has called on the Palestinian people to reject the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations led by US Secretary of State John Kerry, saying that any potential deal would Judaise their religious sanctities and deprive them of their basic rights.

In a press statement, Dahlan, who currently lives in exile in Abu Dhabi, accused Kerry of taking advantage of the Palestinians’ weaknesses at a time when Arab states are preoccupied with their internal affairs. He added that: “the current US administration is similar to all previous administrations in fully embracing Israel’s stance on the permanent solution, calling to establish a nonviable, non-sovereign Palestinian state in exchange for recognising Israel’s Jewish identity.”

The exiled former leader pointed out that the ongoing negotiations do not adhere to UN resolutions, the two-state solution or the Arab peace initiative, and thus are jeopardising Palestinian rights, especially concerning what are referred to as the final status issues, including Jerusalem and the right of return. He denounced Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s combative stance against any Palestinians returning to their homeland in modern day Israel, and stated that the Palestinians have the right to reject all Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands.

Dahlan warned that the US will try to blackmail the Palestinians to agree to another interim agreement while refusing to recognise their right to establish an independent sovereign state on the territories occupied in 1967 with Jerusalem as its capital, the right of the refugees to return and the prisoners’ right to freedom, emphasising the biased US role towards Israel.

He urged the Palestinian national and Islamic factions to take their protest against the negotiations to the streets and to pressure Israel and the US.

Concluding his statement, Dahlan accused Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas of having put himself and the Palestinian people in trouble by agreeing to resume the negotiations with Israel without a united Palestinian stance or the consent of the Palestinian people and the Arab states. He said: “the political situation and the negotiations’ timing – when the Palestinian factions are suffering from internal divisions and the Arab states are preoccupied with their internal affairs – are critical and should have been avoided.”

Dahlan urged the Palestinian leadership to adopt a clear national strategy that is supported by the Palestinian people, stressing that the Palestinians are capable of thwarting any agreement that undermines their legitimate rights, particularly the right of return.

Source: Raialyoum