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Gaza's children protest against naval blockade

February 10, 2014 at 11:34 am


Schoolchildren in the Gaza Strip have organised their own unique protest against the naval blockade of the territory. With the support of international activists, the children made and floated hundreds of model boats as a symbol of being able to break free from the stifling blockade of Gaza’s small ports.

The event is being seen as part of an increase in popular demonstrations against the siege, including protest marches. Activists and local media outlets have backed the programme.

Gaza’s territorial waters have been blockaded by the Israeli navy since 2006, cutting it off from the rest of the world. Gunboats attack Palestinian fishermen on an almost daily basis. Many have had their boats and equipment confiscated and destroyed; a number have been killed or wounded by the Israelis.

MEMO photographer: Mohammed Asad

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