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Israel completes "security fence" across occupied Golan Heights

Israel has completed a new "security fence" along its frontier with Syria on the occupied Golan Heights. The old fence has been replaced by a hi-tech version, the construction of which took about a year.

A report on Israeli Channel 2 TV said that the 8-metre high fence is 90 kilometres long, with intelligence control capabilities. It is intended to halt the flow of Palestinian and Syrian refugees fleeing the conflict in the country.

According to a former Israel Defence Forces commander in Golan, Eshkol Shukran, this is the first time that the Israeli army had received, in record time, such a large budget of tens of millions of shekels in order to complete a project before a perceived threat became a reality. However, as Channel 2 commented, the illegal Jewish settlers on the occupied territory still fear missiles fired from Syria. "Missiles don't recognise fences or borders," it was pointed out.

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