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Biden says US will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons

February 11, 2014 at 1:13 pm

The United States continued to broadcast reassuring messages to Israel yesterday saying that dialogue with Iran will not be at the expense of Israel’s interests or security. US Vice President Joe Biden insisted that Washington will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. He met with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who also had a meeting with President Barack Obama.

Biden said during a conference organised by the pro-Israel lobby group “J Street”, that the United States is committed to Israel’s security and survival. “No US President has served Israel’s security more than Barack Obama,” he proclaimed, stressing that “Netanyahu himself knows it”. While Iran’s nuclear ambitions threaten Israel, added Biden, Obama has worked to convince the whole world to impose severe and historic sanctions on Tehran. “We will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons,” he said, before repeating the mantra that such weapons could reach “terrorist organisations”.

Iran was on the agenda at Netanyahu’s meeting with President Obama. He urged the US administration not to ease sanctions or pressure on Iran if the latter does not fulfil its obligations.

Following the meeting Obama confirmed that the United States recognises that it cannot rely solely on Iranian statements. “Iran should commit to its statements,” he said. “The United States will remain cautious while negotiating with Iran and we will not abandon other options particularly the military option if Iran does not meet its commitments.”