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Israel demolishes another house and detains three more Palestinians in Jerusalem

Israeli occupation forces have demolished another three-storey Palestinian building and arrested three more Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem. Owner Ayman Karsh said that Israeli soldiers told his family to leave the premises in Beit Hanina neighbourhood of the city before their bulldozers destroyed the building. The family was unable to remove personal belongings before the demolition commenced.

While Palestinian activists confirmed that Israel's military court has extended the remand detention of three men from Jerusalem, Wadi Al-Hilwa Information Centre said that Israeli soldiers kidnapped Palestinian boy Nasim al-Natasha, 11, when he was walking in the street. The Israelis already have dozens of Palestinian children in detention.

Eyewitnesses added that the Israeli forces also arrested Abdul-Kareem Nokad, 16, and Shadi al-Labban, 22, when they were sitting close to the African Community Centre in the Old City. It was quiet at the time, they confirmed, and there did not appear to be any reason for the arrests to take place.

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