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Palestinian government criticises UN position on Gaza tunnel

February 11, 2014 at 11:41 am

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Palestinian government in the Gaza Strip criticised the UN position towards the tunnel that was discovered last week between Gaza and Israel.

In the statement, the spokesperson for the government, Ihab Al-Ghussein, denounced the UN’s assessment that the tunnel breaches the ceasefire between Palestinian fighters and Israel that ended the intensive Israeli assault on Gaza last year.

Al-Ghussein said that it is not acceptable to prevent the Palestinians from protecting and defending themselves from the “horrible” attacks of the Israeli occupation.

The spokesperson also described UN position as “biased towards the Israeli occupation”. He asked, “Why the UN has never spoken about the continuous Israeli breaches of the ceasefire, which have claimed the life of several residents in Gaza, razed Palestinian farms and strengthened the siege?”

He continued: “Gaza has experienced two violent Israeli wars that claimed the lives of thousands of its citizens; therefore, it has a right to protect itself.”

“This is an internal issue,” he added.