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Preparations for new Israeli war against Gaza expose US hypocrisy

Israel is preparing for a new, "even fiercer" war against the people of the Gaza Strip, claims a senior Hamas official, and the preparations have exposed "US hypocrisy" yet again. Political Bureau member Dr Mousa Abu Marzook played down the significance of the threats made by the Israeli occupation forces against the resistance in general and Hamas in particular. Such threats, he insisted, will not divert the resistance movement from its path, which will be faithful to the blood of the Palestinian martyrs.

Noting Western and US double-standards, he pointed out that the Israelis filed a complaint against Hamas at the UN Security Council just a couple of days after Israeli bombers struck again at civilian targets in the Gaza Strip. The US Ambassador to Israel visited the tunnel discovered by the Israelis," said Abu Marzook, "after which, very hypocrically, he too threw accusations and threats against Hamas." No mention was made by the ambassador about the siege and Israel's brutal military occupation and incursions.

"These developments coincide with the arbitrary summonses to security centres, break-ins, searches and arrests of journalists, members of parliament and student activists," he said. "They are also taking place as Israel prepares for another extensive war against the Gaza Strip, a war that will be fiercer than those it has waged previously against our people."

The Zionists and the media they control are very happy about such events, he added, with the Israeli propaganda machine feeding the beast with a stream of false information.

"Notwithstanding all of this," said Abu Marzook, "Hamas will remain a Palestinian national resistance movement and will not stray from its strategy to seek the end of the Israeli occupation and the liberation of our land."

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