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Syrian army kill Palestinian refugee family

February 11, 2014 at 9:52 am

Four members of a Palestinian refugee family in Syria were killed on Friday night whilst trying to flee the continuous shelling of Palestinian refugee camps by Bashar al-Assad’s army, Action Group for Palestinian Refugees in Syria said.

According to Action Group, a number of other Palestinian refugees were wounded in the same incident. “They were targeted by a rocket whilst they were leaving Al-Sabeenah Refugee Camp,” the group said.

It also added that the Assad regime forces broke into several refugee camps on the outskirts of Damascus, and “that caused a large number of families to flee at night.”

According to the Action Group, Palestinian refugees who remain in those camps are “worried.” They ran out of all kinds of food because of the two-month siege and shelling by the regime army.

Meanwhile, Action Group said that the Syrian regime released a number of Palestinian refugees it had arrested in different incidents earlier. Some of them were asked to pay a ransom.

A number of Palestinians refugees are being killed daily by the Syrian regime attacks on the Palestinian refugee camps in Syria.

Most of the refugee camps, mainly in the outskirts of Damascus, are under strict siege imposed by the Syrian regime’s army. Some of them have been under siege for more than six months.