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Syria's Al-Tawhid Brigade anticipates rebel conflict to be resolved soon

February 11, 2014 at 11:41 am

Imad Deeman, the leader of the Al-Tawhid Brigade and a member of the Al-Tawhid Shura Council, said in an exclusive interview to Masar Press that: “A committee representing the Al-Tawhid Brigade and other factions including the Army of Islam, the Syria-Sham Hawks Brigade and the Free Syrian Army, has been formed to resolve the dispute between the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and the North Storm Brigade in the city of Izaz, near Aleppo. The problem between the two brigades concerns all Syrians, not only the Al-Tawhid Brigade.”

Deeman stressed that his brigade does not have a hostile position towards the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, saying “it is a military faction like the rest of the factions who fight in Syria. However it should be clear that the North Storm Brigade’s recent control over the city of Izaz hurts civilians, especially when Turkey has shut down the Salamah Border Crossing, thus preventing food and relief to arrive to needy civilians. The Al-Tawhid Brigade will resist any offense by any military organization regardless of its affiliation with either the Free Army or the Islamic factions. The brigade aims to resolve any dispute between the factions to preserve Muslim blood.”

Deeman explained that the Syrian National Coalition’s position on the recent events in Syria and its acceptance of figures with hidden agendas among its ranks, has forced the brigade and a few other factions to withdraw their recognition of the coalition. He remarked that the coalition is currently unable to help itself and has yet to provide any real support on the ground for the Al-Tawhid Brigade.

Deeman said that “the brigade faces difficulties in fighting and securing ammunition and equipments; however we use local factories to manufacture weapons. The brigade participates in the fighting in Aleppo and in the countryside, which drains its capacities and financial potentials. We hope to unite all the factions which fight in Syria under one leadership in the near future.”