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Hamas alleges systematic campaign to destroy its image

February 13, 2014 at 2:56 am

Ramallah – Walid Awad

The Islamic Resistance Movement has confirmed its belief that it is the subject of a systematic campaign by international, Arab and Palestinian entities to destroy its image. Hamas also alleges that accusations that it “interferes” in Arab states’ internal affairs are intended to break alliances and allegiances in the region, especially its links with Egypt.

A leading member of Hamas in Gaza, Yahya Moussa MP, told Al-Quds Al-Arabi on Tuesday that this campaign is trying to drag Palestinians into what does not concern them and over which they have no control or jurisdiction.

“There are different local and regional bodies which have a vested interest in destroying Hamas’s image,” said Moussa, “on top of which is the United States with their agents within the Palestinian Authority and related movements.”

The Palestinian legislator said that he has information on entities which are trying to mix up the cards, distort official positions and stir up sedition by accusing Hamas of interfering in Egyptian affairs. He referred to a Zionist and US conspiracy in collaboration with some Palestinian groups in this respect.

Stressing that he did not claim that Hamas is meddling in Egypt, Moussa pointed out that such interference would have a negative effect on the movement. “Such claims are examples of the media attempts to distort our position,” he insisted, “backed, unfortunately, by Fatah and suspect individuals working for the Israeli occupation to isolate the Gaza Strip.”

When asked about the movement’s position on the situation in Egypt, the MP replied, “We are committed to the Palestinian national decision not to comment on events in Egypt.”