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Israel welcomes Egyptian army coup

February 13, 2014 at 2:56 am

Israeli media has reported that Israeli Likud Knesset member Tzachi Hanegbi said on Friday that the military coup carried out by the Egyptian army in Egypt was good news for Israel.

Hanegbi said that Israel is eager to have neighbouring Egypt stable, but close to the USA and away from religious ideology.

In the presence of the French public intellectual and author Bernard-Henri Lévy, the Israeli justice minister Tzipi Livni criticised the Egyptian democracy that brought the Muslim Brotherhood to authority.

While speaking with Israeli journalists, she said: “We will not let this go ahead.” What was said in the meeting was published by activists last May.

Several Israeli analysts noted that Israeli authorities have been working to undermine the reign of the Egyptian freely elected President Mohamed Morsi.

The Egyptian army carried out a coup on Wednesday, announced the new constitution is ineffective, Morsi is no longer president, and assigned a president to run an interim government which will carry out presidential and parliamentary elections.

The army ordered the closure of all pro-Morsi TV stations and newspapers and demanded the detention of around 300 leaders and members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The former and current supreme guides of the Muslim Brotherhood, deputies and senior officials have already been detained.