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Approximately 1,350 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria

February 14, 2014 at 5:47 am

About 1,354 Palestinians, including 1,201 men and 153 women, have been killed by the Syrian regime since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, Action Group for Palestinians in Syria said on Wednesday.

The last two fatalities, according to the statement distributed to mass media, are Alaa Abul-Leel and Hanan Mahmoud, who were killed by an attack on al-Husseiniyyah Camp on Tuesday.

The statement said the Syrian regime’s army targeted the areas around the al-Majd Bakery, Shehadeh Hussein School and Abdul-Ra’ouf Pharmacy in al-Husseiniyyah Camp with numerous rockets that caused a large number of injuries.

The attacks coincided with heavy shootouts between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army at al-Mo’tamarat.

The statement also said that Daraa refugee camp was targeted by several projectiles by Syrian regime forces which resulted in severe damage to residential buildings. NGOs and charities have as yet to provide them with assistance.

Similarly, Danoun refugee camp was targeted by Syrian regime forces, however only residential buildings were affected. The camp is suffering under poor economic conditions due to the on-going turmoil in Syria.

A statement by the Action Group said that Khan al-Sheikh was also targeted by the Syrian army which caused an electricity blackout. Refugees in the camp have been suffering from severe shortages in food, mainly bread, because of the scarcity of wheat flour. There is no medicine or communication in the camp now.