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Arab Index Poll: most Arabs support the Arab Spring

February 14, 2014 at 5:47 am

The Arab Index Poll for 2012/2013, conducted by the Arab Centre for Research and Political Studies, has shown that the majority of Arabs in the Middle East support the Arab Spring revolutions. The poll was conducted across 14 countries and revealed that 61 per cent of the population support the political changes; 22 per cent expressed negative feelings; and 3 per cent believe that it is an “American-Islamic conspiracy”.

When asked about their attitude towards the situation in Syria, 77 per cent of respondents want President Bashar Al-Assad to leave office; 13 per cent were opposed to him stepping down. Only 10 per cent support a peaceful political solution to the conflict.

The rise of Islamists to power across the region holds no fears for half of the respondents, whereas 20 per cent have “some” fears and 16 per cent fear that the Muslim parties might not respect peaceful transitions to democracy and impose restrictions on personal freedoms and creative culture.

Unsurprisingly, almost three-quarters – 73 per cent – believe that Israel and the US are the most dangerous threats to Arab national security; only 6 per cent believe that threat to be Iran. The vast majority, at 87 per cent, reject any idea of their countries recognising Israel, with 84 per cent objecting to peace treaties with the Zionist state.

The Arabic Index Poll is an annual questionnaire which examines trends in the Arab world regarding economic, political and social issues.