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The Naqab: two youths from Alsid forced to destroy own homes

February 14, 2014 at 11:57 am

The Israeli central court in Beersheba has compelled two men from the Alsid village to demolish their own homes before they were demolished by bulldozers and fined them large sums of money on top of fees that must be paid to bulldozers.

This left the two young men with no choice but to demolish their own homes so as to avoid paying fines that could exceed 500 shekels should the interior ministry bulldozers be called in.

A father of one of the two young men said in an interview: “Because of the difficult economic conditions and our inability to pay fines, particularly after we built the house and put all our money and effort into it over the past years, we had to do this, with bitterness and pain, to avoid getting fined at a time when we are in dire need to pay back previous debts.”

It is worth mentioning that one of the houses was inhabited by its owner, who got married a year ago, whereas the other owner was finalizing preparation of his house and getting ready to get married this summer.”

The Negev Foundation: “This demolition is another step in the deportation schemes”

The Negev Foundation for Land and Man has stated that “this demolition is another step in the context of the scheme that Israel has begun to implement against the people of the Naqab. It is an ethnic cleansing scheme that will be legally approved as the Israeli Knesset has approved the racist Braver plan through which more than 45000 Arab citizens will be deported from the Naqab and forcefully resettled in the villages that are already suffering from a population crisis and complicated life conditions. As a result, the citizens will find themselves in a big prison under bad social conditions.”

“From here, the Negev Foundation for Land and Man calls on the people of Naqab to participate in the protests that will be held in front of the Knesset and the protests that the High Steering Committee of the Arabs of the Naqab will approve. The Foundation also stresses that it intends to continue to support the resolve of the Naqab people against deportation and confiscation schemes by all possible means.”