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Fatah attacks Fayyad government

A statement from the Fatah Revolutionary Council has attacked the government of Salam Fayyad for pursuing policies which are "improvised and confused on issues of finance and the economy". The situation is so serious that one member of the council has suggested that President Mahmoud Abbas, who heads Fatah as well as the Palestinian Authority, is "minded to dissolve" the government of Western-favourite Fayyad.

Differences over senior personnel issues are at the heart of the split between Abbas and Fayyad, it was claimed by the same anonymous Fatah official. The Prime Minister accepted the resignation of Finance Minister Nabil Kassis, despite the fact that Abbas had rejected it and asked him to stay in his post. Fayyad was seen to be challenging the president's decision. It is alleged that Fayyad has been told that if he doesn't reinstate Kassis, then President Abbas will dissolve the government and form a new administration "within the next few days". Revolutionary Council members have interpreted this as, "either Kassis gets his job back or Fayyad resigns or gets sacked".

Fatah also denounced the "government's plans to close the national dignity and self-empowerment fund, which was founded for fighting products from Israeli settlements", calling for Fayyad to cancel the decision forthwith.

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