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Investigation begins into attacks on Brotherhood office in Cairo

February 15, 2014 at 1:27 pm

The Attorney General in Egypt has opened an investigation into the demonstrations which led to the storming of the Muslim Brotherhood’s office in the Moqattam district of Cairo. Many people were injured during the resultant skirmishes with security forces, as buildings were set on fire and damaged.

According to media reports, the lawyer for the Brotherhood, Abd Al-Moneim Abd Al-Maqsoud, has submitted evidence to the Attorney General which implicates senior members of the opposition groups in the unrest.

Those accused of incitement to destroy the Brotherhood building, said Mr Abd Al-Maqsoud, include Hazem Abdel Azim, a member of Al-Dostour Party; Khalid Talimh, a political activist and member of the Popular Current’s Trustees’ Office; Ahmed Doma, a political activist and the founder of the Alliance Against the Muslim Brotherhood and the Military; Tarek Tohamy, a member of the High Commission of El-Wafd Party; and Takadom El-Khatib, a political activist and member of the National Association for Change.

In total, the investigation is expected to look into the affairs of 14 political groups and websites.