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Rival party leader voices support for Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood

February 15, 2014 at 1:27 pm

The leader of Ghad Althawra Party has voiced his party’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi. “We are not for pitting one party against another, said Dr Ayman Nour. “We are the voice of wisdom at a time when wisdom is lost and we will continue to be in the middle, equidistant from everyone.

Speaking to Saudi Arabia’s Al-Sharq newspaper, Dr Nour said that his party will contest the next parliamentary election which is being boycotted by the opposition National Salvation Front. This, he insisted, will be in order to stand by the people of Egypt, especially the Egyptian farmers. “We need to separate our position towards to the Brotherhood from our country’s best interests. He called for a transparent election free from constitutional or other violations.

Asked about the truth behind his nomination for the post of prime minister, Nour stressed the readiness of his party to form a complete shadow government involving other parties. The man who is accused of being a friend of the Brotherhood by some opponents pointed to his party’s fear of the deterioration of the Egyptian economy. He urged the Arab states to play a positive role to stop the economic meltdown.

Although he denounced the arson attack on his party’s headquarters in central Cairo, Nour said that he is ready to have the building burnt down every day if that will serve Egypt’s interest.

He attacked the National Salvation Front, Egypt’s largest opposition group, accusing it of practicing “unacceptable exclusion towards other parties. He said that it is doing exactly what it accuses the Muslim Brotherhood of doing.

At the end of the interview, Nour criticised the Egyptian authorities for handing over the former coordinator of Egyptian-Libyan relations, Ahmed Kada Al-Dam, to the government in Tripoli.