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Israeli violations against Palestinian prisoners increase sharply

February 16, 2014 at 3:32 pm

Israeli Prison Services carry out “planned, severe violations” against Palestinian prisoners that have transformed prisons into a “dirty killing and liquidation tool”, a leaked letter from the prisons has said.

The Palestinian Institution for the Rights of Palestinian Prisoners (Waed) has published a letter leaked from the Israeli Prisons Services which describes the “miseries” of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. “The Israeli Prisons Services recently set up a jamming device that has resulted in dangerous consequences for the health of prisoners,” Waed claims the letter said.

Describing the effects of the jamming device on the health of prisoners, the letter said: “Within a few days, the prisoners began to suffer severe and continuous headaches that intensify during the night, laziness and imbalance.” The letter added: “The new Israeli practices have aroused anger amongst the prisoners.”

The letter also revealed the suffering prisoners endure when they are transported from their jails to the courts, which was described as a “journey to hell.”

“The prisoner is taken to the court in a small, dark, iron cell, while they are handcuffed. The journey used to take one and a half hours, while currently it takes 24 consecutive hours during which the handcuffed prisoner is not allowed to use the toilet at any time during the whole journey.” The letter said that all prisoners, including patients are treated the same way.

Regarding abrupt night inspection campaigns, the letter said that they have sharply increased. “Regardless of weather conditions, which are now cold, or ethical and humanitarian principles, they insist on carrying out naked inspections,” the letter said.

The prisoners pledged not to keep silent about the Israeli violations against them. According to the letter, they have said that they are planning to take escalatory steps. They also called on the UN, the Red Cross and other human rights organizations to do their best to end the Israeli violations against them.