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Palestinians deny launching rockets from Gaza

The Palestinian government in Gaza on Tuesday denied Israeli claims that a Palestinian rocket launched from Gaza had landed in the south of the occupied city of Asqlan. "It is no more than a lie," a spokesman said.

Denying Israeli media reports this morning (26.02), the chair of the government information bureau, Ihab al-Ghosein, said: "Sources in the government affirmed that no rockets have been launched from the Gaza Strip."

Al-Ghosein asserted that the Israeli occupation was putting out lies as a means of shifting global attention away from the plight of the Palestinian prisoners in its jails and its violations against protestors on the streets of the West Bank where a Palestinian has been killed and dozens of others have been injured.

This morning, the Israeli media reported that a Palestinian grad rocket launched from the Gaza Strip landed in the south of Asqlan. No casualties were reported.

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