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Abbas: The UN is our first step and will be followed by national reconciliation

February 17, 2014 at 11:20 pm

The president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, has confirmed that he will go to the United Nations to seek an upgrade in the level of Palestine’s diplomatic representation to that of an observer or non-member state. He also confirmed that he has obtained the support of all Palestinian political factions, including those under the umbrella of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and those who have not yet entered this framework.

In a public speech delivered on Sunday in Ramallah, Abbas expressed hope that the goal of upgrading Palestine’s diplomatic representation is attained, and following the achievement of national reconciliation, that it will constitute a step toward declaring Palestine an independent state.

“Our fundamentals are ending the occupation, self-determination, and total independence. These are the issues that we will address after going to the United Nations. Before that, we have the issue of the prisoners, all of whom we are keen to liberate. We are going to the United Nations with the backing of all peace-loving countries that support the Palestinian people and its right to self-determination. All Palestinian factions, without exception, stand by us, in front of us and behind us, toward achieving this objective,” he added.

Abbas linked the UN move and national reconciliation with the words, “Today, the United Nations and tomorrow another important commitment, which is the reconciliation that we must achieve. The brothers in Gaza have suffered what they suffered including death, slaughter and oppression
over 8 days, while we exerted all efforts for the sake of calming down that unfair war. Thank God they have reached a dignified settlement; and all pending issues will be achieved so that our people in Gaza enjoy security and stability. They have endured a lot.”