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Four sentenced for killing pro-Palestine activist Arrigoni

February 17, 2014 at 11:19 pm

Four men have been sentenced to between 1 year and life in prison for the kidnap and murder of pro-Palestine activist Vittorio Arrigoni in 2011. The sentences were handed down by the Permanent Military Court in Gaza City on Monday.

The court sentenced two of the defendants (known only as MS and TH) to life imprisonment, with hard labour, plus ten years for the premeditated murder and kidnapping for the purpose of murder. A third defendant (KH A) received a ten year sentence with hard labour after being convicted of kidnapping for the purpose of murder. The fourth defendant (PG) was convicted of hiding fugitives from justice and sentenced to one year in prison.

Italian activist Arrigoni was killed by a group calling itself the “Brigade of the Gallant Companion of the Prophet Mohammed, Bin Muslima”, after he was kidnapped on April 14, 2011. His body was found by police officers in a house located in the north of the Gaza Strip a day later.

The victim’s family said that they had hoped for fair trial of the accused in accordance with the standards expected in international law. They also said that they opposed the death penalty for anyone convicted by the court.