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Gaza government satisfied with UN Chief's statements on Palestinian right to self-determination

February 17, 2014 at 11:19 pm

The Palestinian government in Gaza has expressed its satisfaction at the statements made by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, saying that they help to reinforce international peace and security.

Ban told the UN’s Human Rights Council in Geneva that he is concerned about “the unfulfilled human rights of the Palestinian people, in particular the right to self-determination.” He recommended that “an independent, sovereign, democratic and viable Palestinian state” be built along the pre-1967 borders; and he urged Israel to “lift its harsh restrictions in order to ease the plight of civilians and bring an end to the closure.”

The UN chief added: “Keeping a large and dense population in unremitting poverty is in nobody’s interest except that of the most extreme radicals in the region.”

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Gaza sent a message of thanks to the UN Secretary General “for his affirmation of the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination, and to establish its sovereign state on its occupied land.” The letter also thanked Mr. Ban for urging the occupying power, Israel, to lift the restrictions imposed on the people of Palestine.

The message stated that the Ministry considers the Security Council’s relentless efforts to consolidate democracy and respect for human rights and dignity is in the interest of the international community, a major step towards social justice, peace and security.