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Gaza's Ministry of Health to declare state of emergency

The Palestinian Minister of Health in Gaza, Dr Bassem Naim, is to declare a state of emergency in Gaza's hospitals due to acute power cuts and fuel shortages.

In a press conference held on Thursday, February 16, at the al-Shifa Medical Compound, Dr Naim said that Gaza's health ministry was on the verge of declaring a state of emergency in light of the continued crisis. This critical lack of electricity in the Strip threatens to bring a halt to vital medical services.  Other pubic services such as water pumps and sanitation have also been badly hit by the power outages.

The on-going crisis has seriously impacted on incubators at the al-Shifa hospital's neonatal unit where more than a 100 children are cared for. Also affected are the kidney units which provide medical services to more than 400 patients, as well as surgical units, blood banks and other emergency departments.

The health crisis in Gaza is further compounded by the severe shortage of 350 different types of medicines in hospitals.

The Health Minister called for an immediate intervention to restore fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip. He appealed to the Egyptian leadership and parliament – the People's Assembly – to provide the necessary fuel to Gaza and to work toward resolving this recurrent problem.

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