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Hamas government contacts Egyptian leadership following Israeli raid on Gaza

The Hamas-run Palestinian government has been in contact with the Egyptian leadership following Israel's raid on a naval police station north of Gaza City on Monday. Government spokesman Taher Al Nunu said that officials had updated the Egyptians on the Israeli attack in which one policeman was killed and four others were injured. "Israeli crimes and aggression against the people of Palestine must be stopped," he said.

Mr Al Nunu denounced Israel's use of F16 fighter aircraft in the attack and offered condolences to the family of the martyred officer, Mohamed Al Kilani, who "fell during the raid in the course of his duty". Hamas authorities also wished the injured officers a full and speedy recovery. They warned the Israeli occupation authorities of "the consequences of testing the Palestinian people's resolve and perseverance".

In the past two weeks, 16 Palestinians have been killed and dozens more have been injured in a series of Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip; the Palestinian resistance fired rockets towards Ashkelon, killing one Israeli and injuring twenty others.

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