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Implementation of Palestinian reconciliation to start next week

February 17, 2014 at 11:15 pm

Mustafa Barghouti, the coordinator of the Freedom Committee for Palestinian reconciliation, has said that next week will witness an “actual application” of the agreement by the Palestinian factions.

In a news conference held on Sunday, 8 January, Mr Barghouti said that the Committee “is working on completing 9 files that affect the daily lives of Palestinian citizens. Moreover, by the time these dossiers are finished and closed, within a specific time frame, the work of the committee ends.” the files include political detention; there are 109 Hamas detained in the West Bank, and 53 Fatah detained in Gaza. Lists of the prisoners have been sent to the relevant authorities, he added.

Barghouti clarified that the Freedoms Committee is now looking into allowing the government in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank to distribute newspapers in the West Bank and Gaza, as the agreement on this matter while be reached during the week.

He also said that the 31 January has been set as the date for announcing the new cabinet, which will be followed by a meeting for the provisional framework of PLO on the 2 February.