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Israel-Jordan tensions at all-time high

February 17, 2014 at 1:49 am

Tensions in Israel-Jordan relations have reached an all-time high, claims a political analyst in Israeli newspaper Maariv. According to senior security sources in Tel Aviv, it is claimed, King Abdullah II has concluded that Israel is seeking to topple his regime and make use of the chaos sweeping the Arab world to turn Jordan into an alternative Palestinian state.

The paper pointed out that the Jordanian monarch has turned his back on Israel’s Prime Minister since Benjamin Netanyahu was elected for a second time in 2009. Lately, it is noted, the King has intensified his criticism of Israel and Netanyahu. The article also mentioned King Abdullah’s interview with the Washington Post, in which he stressed that many in Jordan have concluded that Israel is not interested in a two-state solution for the conflict with the Palestinians.

Abdullah said that the cooling of Israel’s relations with Egypt and Turkey means that Jordan is the only country in the region which is preserving its relations with its neighbour. When asked about whether Egypt could cancel the Camp David peace treaty with Israel, the Jordanian King said that, in his view, this is a “possibility”.