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Israel refuses to re-negotiate peace treaty with Egypt

February 17, 2014 at 11:19 pm

Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategic Affairs, Moshe Ya’alon, has revealed that Egypt recently requested that Israel re-negotiate the terms of the peace agreement signed between the two states. However, Israel has rejected the request explaining that Egypt must accept Israel’s position or risk losing American aid.

Israel Today quoted remarks from Ya’alon in which he stated that Israel would not be carrying out any further major strikes in the Sinai which may give terrorists greater freedom to launch offensives from the territory. He stressed Israeli demands that Egypt find a solution to the problem and step up imposition of their sovereignty in the area explaining Israel’s refusal to reconsider the convention’s military annex.

He also stressed that if Egypt wanted to deploy additional troops in Gaza, Israel would agree to discuss the matter, however, “it would set a very bad precedent if we agreed to renegotiate our agreements.”

Speaking about Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi, Ya’alon stressed that despite his desire to re-negotiate the treaty, he is obliged to abide by it so as not to lose U.S. aid.