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Israeli army accuses Sinai Bedouins of Um El-Rishrash attack

February 17, 2014 at 11:15 pm

Hebrew media sources have reported that Israeli Defence Force investigations into the Rishrash (Eilat) attack in August have revealed that all the bombers involved were Sinai Bedouins and not residents of the Gaza Strip as initially announced by Tel Aviv. Following the attack, Tel Aviv launched a widespread assassination campaign against the Palestinian Resistance.
Eight Israelis, including a number of soldiers, were killed in an incident last August when an armed group succeeded in crossing the Egypt-Palestine border near Um El-Rishrash and opened fire on a vehicle traveling down street No. 12, before clashing with the Israeli army.

In its Monday edition [January 9], a journalist for the Jerusalem Post wrote: “The question that boggles the Israeli security agencies is why Bedouins would participate in such an attack against Israel on behalf of the Palestinians in Gaza; what interest do they have in carrying out this act, and why would Bedouins embroil themselves with the Israeli army?” adding that “these questions are still under investigation, research and study.”
According to the newspaper “the Israeli army finds the fact that the attackers were wearing explosive belts to be the most worrying aspect of the whole incident as it proves the strong presence of ideological and religious factors”.