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Jordanian Islamic movement denies promising to annul election boycott decision

The Islamic Action Front political party in Jordan has denied that it has pledged to review its position on an election boycott. In a press statement, the party's secretary, Dr. Abdullah Faraj Allah, said: "This hasn't been discussed within the Islamic movement and any of the parties, let alone promised."

He pointed out that the Islamic movement adopts the position of the reformists in the National Front and the higher coordinating committee of the opposition parties. This calls for a mixed election law (50 per cent for the national list and 50 per cent for the individual constituency) that gives the voter the right to elect the number of candidates equal to the number of seats of the constituency.

According to Dr. Faraj Allah, the Islamic movement demands a "comprehensive and real reform that returns the power to the people." He added: "We will examine our position on the elections in the event of the ratification of a consensual election law that meets the demands of the national forces."

The Islamic movement, he confirmed, will meet any formal, positive initiative with a similar move, and will enter into dialogue if there is a serious will for reform. On this point, the party secretary said, "This government is not eligible because its president is just an employee who does not play a political role but rather receives orders and implements them without being concerned with their results."

He accused the government of lacking a political outlook, choosing to pursue a programme which ignores reform. The country, said Faraj Allah, needs a new government which has the trust of the people and can work Jordan out of the national crisis. 

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