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Muslim Brotherhood considers participation in presidential election

The Shura (Consultative) Council of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood is holding an extraordinary meeting to discuss whether or not to participate in the country's presidential election. A decision is due by the end of this week. There are reports of a split within the movement on this issue, with some members favouring a Brotherhood candidate and others arguing to support a non-member consensus candidate.

The Shura is discussing four options: to overturn the previous decision not to stand, and nominate a Brotherhood member as a candidate; have no candidate of its own and not declare support for any other candidate; declare support for an existing candidate from outside the movement; or convince a public figure to stand with the movement's backing.

Meanwhile, there are unconfirmed reports about the intention of the Muslim Brotherhood to nominate Engineer Khayrat Al-Shater, the Islamic movement's Deputy Leader as a presidential candidate. This has been met with opposition from some younger members of the Brotherhood who have expressed their disapproval by demonstrating in front of the group's office.

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