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Muslim Brotherhood rejects any initiative to keep Syrian regime in power until 2014

February 17, 2014 at 1:50 am

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria has rejected any suggestion or initiatives which might see the current regime stay in power until 2014. The rejection came in a statement in which the Brotherhood also expressed its deepest regret, sorrow and condemnation of the “daily massacres committed by the ruling regime in Syria against its people”.

These have claimed the lives of “thousands of martyrs”, not to mention the tens of thousands of detainees and torture victims. “Millions have been displaced to neighbouring countries and their towns and villages have been devastated,” said the statement.

Warning about the serious repercussions of the Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons, the Brotherhood said, “Today, the Syrian regime has escalated its war against its own people by using chemical weapons…
providing an excuse for foreign intervention which, as has happened in Iraq, threatens to tear Syria apart.” The country, it is claimed, will be unable to stand on its own two feet again if this happens.

The Muslim Brotherhood is against any such direct foreign intervention in Syria. “The regime should comply with the popular will and step down after more than forty years of injustice and corruption,” it insists. No regime, added the statement, can be built on the extermination of its own people.

The group called on the international community to assume its responsibilities towards the suffering of the Syrian people: “We call on all the officials in the Arab and Islamic countries and international organisations to stop this aggression; the current situation doesn’t allow them any room for complacency.”