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Muslim Brotherhood suspicious of attacks on demonstrators

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has warned of possible attacks on demonstrators in Tahrir Square by people in the guise of Islamists so as to tarnish the President's image. Secretary-General Dr. Mahmoud Hussein said that he is suspicious about claims on social networking sites that "Islamists" plan to attack the protesters in Cairo's iconic Square. "This is a calumny," he said, "Genuine Islamists cannot do so."

Hussein called on the responsible state authorities to prevent such threats being made and arrest those responsible before people act on them and the rhetoric turns into criminal action. He stressed that any aggressors would be criminals and sinners, like those who have committed such crimes before and are still free.

With regard to the "million-man march" that is scheduled for Friday, Hussein announced that the Muslim Brotherhood decided to hold the protest at 10am, before the Friday prayer.

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