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Votes cast by Egyptian exiles show lead for Muslim Brotherhood candidate

February 17, 2014 at 11:17 pm

Votes cast in their country’s presidential election by Egyptians living overseas show strong support for the candidate representing the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party. Dr. Mohamed Morsy is followed in second place by the independent Islamist candidate Dr. Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh. Exiles living and working in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Arab states appear to favour the Brotherhood candidate.

The Egyptian Embassy in Saudi Arabia was the last of all of Egypt’s embassies to declare the results of those living in the kingdom. The embassy in Riyadh noted that Morsy received 68,934 votes; Aboul Fotouh had 36,481 votes; and Hamdeen Sabahi had 15,292 votes. The ex-Arab League chief Amr Moussa polled 10,753 votes followed by Ahmed Shafik with 6,167 votes.

The semi-final screening of more than 50 embassies and consulates abroad revealed that Dr. Morsy occupies first place at this stage with 106,890 votes; Aboul Fotouh is in second place with 81,594 votes; Hamdeen Sabahi has 45,754 votes; Amr Moussa with 38,979 votes; and Ahmed Shafiq trails with 22,886 votes.