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Al Khairi rejects Occupation's takeover of absentees' land in East Jerusalem

The Palestinian embassy in Jordan has rejected the Israeli Absentee Property Law, which authorises the Occupation Authorities to confiscate land and properties in East Jerusalem that belong to absent Palestinians.

The Palestinian Ambassador to Amman, Attallah Al Khairi, told the Jordanian news website Ammon News, on Monday 19th July, "Israel's intention to implement the mentioned law [Absentee Property Law] is irrational and categorically rejected; we do not recognise it or recognise the settlements being built there. Jerusalem is part and parcel of 1967 Palestinian land."

He noted that any measure taken by Tel Aviv in Jerusalem constitutes a violation of international laws and conventions.

Israeli Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein informed the Israeli Supreme Court that the state will apply the Absentee Property Law – passed by the Israeli government in 1950 – in East Jerusalem, which means that Israel will take over all lands and properties left by their owners when they fled.

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