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Al Orabi: Palestinian reconciliation necessary to diplomatic fight at the UN

February 20, 2014 at 3:33 pm

Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Menha Bakhoum, has stated that Egyptian Foreign Minister, Mohamed Al Orabi, has received a verbal message from Palestinian Authority leader, Mahmoud Abbas, regarding the latest developments in Palestinian reconciliation and ways of reviving peace negotiations.

In a press statement published by Egypt’s ministry of foreign affairs, Bakhoum added that Abbas has requested Egypt’s continued sponsorship of Palestinian reconciliation and assistance in overcoming the remaining obstacles, most important of which is the formation of a national unity government.

After receiving Abbas’ message, Al Orabi stressed that Egypt was committed to supporting the Palestinian people adding that the requirement to meet all the obligations of the reconciliation agreement was a necessary condition for moving on to the bigger mission. That is the diplomatic war that awaits everyone in securing international recognition of the Palestinian state, and thus reinforcing a solid frame of reference for negotiations. The essence of such negotiations, Al Orabi said, will be achieving the independence of an internationally-recognized Palestinian state; pointing out that negotiations won’t be open ended or conducted in circles.