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Egypt monitors Mossad activities

February 20, 2014 at 3:31 pm

Reports in Egypt’s Al-Shorouk newspaper claim that the investigations into the espionage accusations against an Egyptian and two Israeli citizens have revealed that Cairo’s intelligence service has been monitoring the two Israelis, believed to be Mossad officers. The Egyptians have, it is claimed, photographs of the two men taken in South-east Asia. The prosecution officials confronted the Egyptian suspected of spying, Tareq Abdel Aziz, with several photos of the Mossad officers; according to the reports, he expressed his surprise that Egyptian intelligence could tail Mossad operatives.

When the suspect told Judge Taher Al Kholy that he did not know the names of the two Israelis, he was shown their photographs, at which point he did recognise them.

The evidence against the suspects is strong; Egyptian intelligence has a record of all the places that the suspect went to, including the apartments he had for meetings with Mossad officers in Macaw, Nepal, Laos, and Cambodia. The dates of travel were also known so that he could be arrested on his arrival at Cairo airport; he had been abroad for three years and his family links were almost severed.

According to Al Shorouk, Egyptian intelligence hacked into Mossad’s website, following which messages from the suspect to the Israelis could be deciphered. Although he denied his contacts, when confronted with the evidence by the Judge, Abdel Aziz admitted his involvement.